Chuck Williams Auction and Chili Supper

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More than 2000 needy Fayette County children will get presents this Christmas thanks to the Fayette County firefighters.

It's the 75th year for the firefighters toy program, but before they can buy the toys they need your help. They need more items to be donated for the auction.

This weekend is the 10th annual Chuck Williams auction. Firefighters will auction off the donated items and the proceeds go exclusively to the toy program. They will buy toys, books, puzzles and games to distribute at their Toy Store Giveaway December 12th.

They are accepting donations of all types. Whether it's the most popular toy of the season for the little ones or an old favorite among the big kids. They're even accepting appliances and tools. Firefighters tell us that they even have a piano to sell.

There will also be a silent auction and they are hoping to get more gift packages from spas, barber shops and restaurants to use. They've received some UK basketball tickets but they're hoping for more because these are always a big seller. You might even be able to get your hands on some historical items or collectibles.

Every penny from the auction Saturday goes to the kids and to firefighter Chuck Gumm, that's what makes all this hard work worth it. "We've had sick kids, kids with cancer and they had us all broken up, us big rough firemen. We end up getting hugs from the parents when they leave."

And that, he says is what the holiday spirit is all about.

If you want to donate to the auction you must do so before Friday. the chuck Williams auction and chili supper is open to the public Saturday starting at 2 at the lodge at 1604 Versailles road in Lexington. for more information on the auction or the toy program in general call 699-8508 or log on to their website at lfdfof.Org