Church Rebuilt From The Ashes

A Pulaski County church was destroyed by fire on November 16, 2005. It was a cold, cloudy, dreary day, that fit the mood of church members as they watched their church burn to the ground.

Last year Claude Smith, a church member, said the fire was devastating. Today Smith said, "my spirits are much better today than they were when I spoke to you on these same grounds before."

Fire leveled the church not long after a new sanctuary was added. Members found a temporary home nearby and ground was broken for a new church in May. The community rallied around their effort by providing money, labor, and fellowship.

A church member said, "people of the church, people and friends have come up and help us build. It's been great. We couldn't have done it without them, without God."

Church members say they still haven't been told by authorities exactly what caused the fire, but it was under investigation by everyone from the ATF, FBI, all the way down to state police.

Arson was never ruled the cause and the local fire said lightening could have been to blame. Regardless of the cause, members feel like they've literally risen from the ashes. But what we have now is nicer than what we did have, so maybe you can say some good came out if it, a member said.

The question now may be what to do with the historic bell saved from the old church. Church members say they hope to be in the new church by Christmas.