Trusted employee arrested for stealing thousands from company

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Lexington police say Darrell Clift wrote himself checks at his employer's expense, saying the crimes were committed for months before he was caught.

Thursday a judge told Darrell Clift he would need to find $12,500 to bond himself out of jail.

He's accused of stealing more than $23,000 from his employer, some say even more than that.

For over a decade, we're told Darrell Clift has come to work as a salesperson at Lexington Truck Sales.

Thursday however Clift did not make it to work instead appearing from jail before a judge accused of writing 86 fraudulent refund checks from the company to himself.

We're told Clift would allegedly write out a check from the company as if he were refunding a customer an auto part. Sometimes the checks were more than $400.

He's then accused of taking the checks himself to a grocery store where he would cash the check using a customer's name.

27NEWSFIRST has learned this went on for months, until the Lexington Truck Sales office received a phone call that someone without ID was trying to cash a check.

After doing some internal investigating employees at the truck sales company learned they were loosing nearly 30 thousand dollars since 2007.

The company turned the case to police were on Wednesday Clift was arrested.

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