Last Blast of Warm Weather

Headed Our Way?
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Who would have thought on November 30th it'd be 65 degrees in downtown Lexington. People were outside all day taking advantage of this last blast of warmth.

One UK student we talked with said "It sure doesn't feel like Nov 30th." Another said she wasn't happy with it and said she wished it were one or the other...cold or hot.

It appeared some people were confused on what to wear. We saw people in light jackets, some with no jackets and even some in shorts.

Today was probably the last day you'll see people exercising outside in shorts and t-shirts. By tomorrow, they'll be reaching for extra layers One jogger at the Arboretum said she's really enjoyed the warmth since Thanksgiving but she has no plans to be outside jogging tomorrow.

It's not just your clothing choices that will be affected by this weather system we're waiting on. Your travel plans could be affected too.
This system is already hitting to our west leaving snow, wind and rain behind, cuasing problems for air travel.

But today's temperatures "are" good for holiday shoppers. One shopper at Hamburg said "It's gorgeous. I can get it done now and don't have to walk in the snow."

We could see wind chills and temperatures feeling like the teens and 20's tomorrow and that means gloves, coats, hats and scarves will be a necessity for most of us.