Four arrested for helping fugitives

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They're accused of rendering aid to suspects involved in an officer shooting. Now, four people sit in the Fayette County Detention Center.

"These four people in the course of our investigation hindered or hampered our ability to get dangerous criminals," says Lt. Ron Compton with Lexington Police.

Derwin Blair, Chad Weathers, Jessica Hooten, and Roshai Rice, are each being charged with a count of hindering apprehension.

Police say the four helped Jesse Mayberry and Marc Buchanan. The two men are connected with the shooting of Lexington Police Officer Nicholas Whitcomb near Winburn Drive in April.

Hindering apprehension or prosecution is a law that's been around since the 70s, and it's one law enforcement agencies are trying to drive home to anyone thinking about helping a criminal.

"It's of paramount important to us here at the police department is the safety of the community and we will aggressively pursue anybody hindering our ability to make the city safer," says Compton.

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