Crash Survivors Says Cell Phone Saved His LIfe

He's lucky to be alive, and he says his cell phone is the reason.

Tuesday night, we told you about 52-year old Carl McClanahan.
He was stranded in the Red River Gorge after he crashed his motorcycle on Kentucky 715 near the Powell-Menifee County line.
McClanahan and his motorcycle went off one of the embankments at the Red River Gorge.

"After I laid there a while, felt that I could feel my fingers toes, I reached for my cell phone right away, but I knew I wasn't in an area with good reception," said McClanahan.

The reception was so bad, he couldn't even dial 9-1-1.

"The text messages were working."

So, McClanahan sent text messages to his friends. His friends contacted dispatchers to try and lead them to the right area.

"I heard one of the rescue trucks come up and I flipped open the phone to turn the light on and the guy spotted it."
"I heard the guy holler out, I see the light."

Minutes later, McClanahan was rescued.

He broke his back, a few ribs and his arm, but is expected to make a full recovery.