11-year old boy leads Hazard Police on 20 mile chase

An 11-year-old boy is getting a stern talking to from police after leading them on a 20 mile chase that ended with a crash.

Hazard police say the boy stole a church van from the Carrs Fork Lake in Knott County. They say Fish and Wildlife officials tried to stop the boy, but he managed to get on Highway 15 and ended up in a McDonald's parking lot in Perry County.

"The child struck several vehicles with the church van, come in here in the McDonald's parking lot on east main and began ramming vehicles and officers with the hazard police had to fire several shots into the tires of the vehicle to get the vehicle stopped," according to Joe Engle, with the Hazard Police Department.

The boy struck six vehicles in all. Police say they're turning the matter over to the juvenile court. They also say, thankfully, no one was hurt in the chase.

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