Plant gets $40 million in funds for cleanup

PADUCAH, Ky. (AP) - The cleanup and tear down of contaminated
buildings at a nuclear enrichment plant in Paducah is getting a $40
million boost from federal stimulus money.
Ted Theopolos, spokesman for the Lexington-based Department of
Energy project office that oversees the plant, said the funds will
go toward hiring more than 50 people over the next two months to
work on the plant site.
The Paducah Sun reports that Paducah Remediation Services will
do the work under contract with the U.S. Department of Energy,
which owns the plant.
"Right now, the way funding is running, the jobs are probably
going to last about two years until September 2011," Theopolos
said. "After that, there may be other jobs that come open that
these people may apply for."
Although the program helps displaced workers, it is open to
anyone in need of work, he said.
Paducah's share is about 1.3 percent of $6 billion in new
stimulus funding to hasten nuclear cleanup and create thousands of
jobs across 12 states, including Tennessee, which is receiving $755
million for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Illinois, which
is getting $99 million for work at the Argonne National Laboratory.

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