11 Year Old Steals Church Van

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A Saturday afternoon joyride involving an 11 year old boy and a church van turns into a chase, spanning two counties, ending with a crash in a McDonald's parking lot.

Police say he was a young man on a mission that they have never seen before.

"No, not like this. But nothing surprises me, but never seen anything like this," said Joe Engle with the Hazard Police Department.

Hazard Police say an 11 year old boy was at Carr Creek State Park with his family when he hijacked a church van and decided to go for a spin.

"Fish and Wildlife evidently was trying to get him to stop and maybe some of his family members from what we know."

A Fish and Wildlife official followed the boy down Highway 15 North on a 20 mile chase through Knott and Perry Counties, that is when Hazard Police got involved, chasing him through town.

"The child struck several vehicles with the church van, come in here in the McDonald's parking lot on East Main and began ramming vehicles and officers with the Hazard Police had to fire several shots into the tires of the vehicle to get the vehicle stopped."

The whole ordeal caused a bit of a traffic jam, and onlookers came to try and get a peak at the little man that crashed the van. Overall, it was a thrill ride for the boy that had police saying their prayers and counting their blessings.

"Everyone's safe, thank goodness."

The boy struck six vehicles in all. Police say they are turning the matter over to the juvenile court.

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