Winter Weather Effects Travel

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"I would be really upset because I'm looking forward to this trip. I'd be really disappointed," said Katie Neihoff.

Like many travelers Neihoff is hoping not to see the word canceled on the flight information at the airport. But travel officials tell 27 Newsfirst that's highly likely after a major snowstorm blanketed the midwest with snow and ice.

"Trying to come in or get out of Lexington is going to have an effect on people," said Rosemary Warmenhoven, a travel agent with Avant Travel.

She says delays in other parts of the country can cause a trickle down effect. Something these travelers hope to avoid.

"We're going to be flying through Detroit and the winds are pretty bad so we're worried about that, said Michael Rieser.

"I heard yesterday Chicago was supposed to get a foot of snow so I'm hoping they got it so there's only an inch in Detroit," said his wife, Wendy Rieser.

Almost all flights from Chicago O'Hare have been cancel led and Dallas Ft. Wroth had to ground 200 flights because of weather. Like it or not, that could mean trouble here at home.

"Obviously a nonstop flight to Dallas from Lexington those people are going to be effected. But say you have someone going from Lexington via Dallas to the west coast then Asia, that's really going to cause a problem," Warmenhoven said.