College Students Hit While Walking; Police Say Driver On Drugs

Two Kentucky college students are recovering after being run over by a driver police say was high on drugs. The accident happened in Berea.

Police say the students were walking along Ellipse Street when they were hit.

27 NEWSFIRST has learned a 9-1-1 call to police about a drunk driver prompted officers to look for a pick up truck.

When an officer arrived arrived on Ellipse Street, police say the officer noticed blood and hair on the windshield of a truck. After investigating...
he also found two teens unconscious in a nearby field.

Police say 31-year old Justin Hammerling was driving under the influence of marijuana when he slammed into the teens throwing them more than 15 feet into a field.

One of the Berea College Students is still at the UK Medical Center.
18-year old Debra Blacker is in critical condition and suffering from head injuries. The other person injured has been released from the hospital.

Hammerling is charged with assault, driving under the influence and drug possession. He was released from the Madison County Detention Center on a $2500 dollar bond.