Father accused in child's murder, making meth, in court

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19-year-old Bryan Daniel was back in a Wayne County Courtroom for his preliminary hearing.

He faces both murder and manufacturing meth charges, following his 20-month-old son's death.

Police say they were called to a Wayne County hospital emergency room after a baby died. Police say they spoke with both Daniel and the baby's 14-year-old mother. Police testify Daniel gave them several conflicting stories before finally admitting the child swallowed liquid fire, a chemical used to make meth.

Officers say the liquid fire was in a coffee mug on a bedside table in the child's bedroom. Officers say 20-month-old Kayden had visible chemical burns on his body.

Police arrested Daniel and the child's 14-year-old mother, charging both with Murder and manufacturing meth. Daniel's case has been moved on to the grand jury.

4 others were arrested and charged with manufacturing meth. Police say they had made meth with Daniel earlier in the day in the home. Danny Anderson, Wesley Bell, Alicia Deacon and James hunt also had their preliminary hearing this morning.

Their case was moved on to a grand jury.

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