Mother seeks law change following son's drowning

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A Lexington mother is pushing law makers to make all pools, in-ground and above be fenced in after her child drowned in her parents neighbor's above ground pool in May.

Beth Hamilton, says her 3-year-old son Tyler Ragsdale, would still be alive if the pool was properly secured with a fence and lock.

"I still can't believe he is gone," said Hamilton. "It's something you can't ever forget, I think about it all day, everyday."

The home where the drowning happened had a fence, but it was missing several planks.

But according to state law, homeowners are not required to have a fence at all. Above ground pools are exempt from fence requirements.

"I thought all pools regardless of the type, you had to have a fence, it just doesn't make sense," said Hamilton.

She went on to say,"This tragedy could have so easily been prevented. How many more kids must die before the law is changed?"

We did attempt to contact numerous state officials about our story, however none would comment at this time.

Hamilton says she will continue calling and emailing officials at both the local and state level, until action is taken.

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