Thieves target county's maintenance garage

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Officials in Rockcastle County are asking for help to track down some thieves.

The thefts happened over the weekend on South Wilderness Road in Mt. Vernon.

"It hurts you all the way around. It really does. It hurts your feelings most of all," says Coy Cromer, the Road Supervisor at the Rockcastle County Maintenance Garage.

It is a crime that has Rockcastle County officials puzzled. Someone has stolen thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment.

"Pretty much all of our hand tools, socket sets, wrench sets," says Coy Cromer.

Coy Cromer says he noticed all the equipment missing when he came to work Monday.

"Everything we use in the shop was taken," says Cromer.

Cromer says the front door was pried open.

"Just a small crack in it and I knew right then that something had been done," says Cromer.

Workers says more than $15,000 dollars worth of equipment and tools were stolen, as well as a truck which has been recovered. Now they're asking for help to find the rest.

"I am more interested in seeing that the thieves get arrested and serve time in jail," says Judge-Executive Buzz Carloftis.

Although the person or people responsible did leave behind their tracks, the tools and equipment they've taken is not only impacting the maintenance garage, but also the taxpayers. Workers say they had to buy all new equipment Monday to replace the ones stolen.

"The taxpayers have to pay for this stuff and so it makes their insurance go up when we have a claim and make their insurance rates go higher, so it hurts you all the way around," says Coy Cromer.

Officials just hope those responsible are caught before the crimes begin adding up.

"Taxpayers deserve to have thieves off the street. This is not the first time obviously they've done this and it won't be the last time they do it," says Judge-Executive Buzz Carloftis.

The Rockcastle Fiscal Court is providing a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of whoever is responsible.

They are asking you to contact the Sheriff's Department at (606) 256-2032.

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