People protest expanded gambling at state capitol

People packed the state capital rotunda on Tuesday afternoon to voice their opinions about slots machines coming to horse tracks.

Protesters who gathered in the Capitol rotunda say it isn't a matter of morality for everyone.
Some like Stanford businessman Jess Correll say gambling never has positive results.

"When Atlantic City invited gambling in, 2,100 businesses closed. Crime went up 380%," said Correll.

And some fear the social consequences.

"Money that should be used to feed families is going to be spent on gambling," said rally attendee Georgia Crank.

Governor Beshear says he thinks more gaming is the only way to help the ailing horse industry that needs money to supplement winning purses.

But the notion of slots being a savior wasn't welcome for the protesters.

"That's what they said about the lottery. It would help the schools. Schools still need money," said Tammi Martin.

If slots are legalized at tracks, some argue that millions of dollars will be raised for Kentucky's general fund. But the argument is that several billion would have to be bet for that happen.

"But it will move huge amounts of money to a small group of people," said Ken Ostrander of The Family Foundation.

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