16,000 tea bags delivered to Governor Beshear

Protestors crowded the state capitol Tuesday afternoon in Frankfort.

An unusual protest was carried out by morning radio host Leland Conway of WLAP. He delivered 16,000 tea bags to Governor Beshear, along with a list of policy suggestions.

This was an offshoot of all the tea parties held earlier this spring where people demonstrated against raising taxes. Conway say his meeting with the Governor and the timing of the special session dealing with the budget was good timing.

"We wanted to meet with the Governor. He agreed to meet with us before the session was called, but I think it's indicative of what's happening, that they're meeting. It sends a message that no matter what comes out of the special session, Kentuckians do no want more taxes<" Conway said.

The tea will be donated to God's Pantry.

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