Woman Robbed At Gunpoint Speaks Out

A Lexington woman got quite a scare early Monday morning when she answered her door to find a man with a gun!

The robbery happened at the Cabana Royal apartments on Georgian way. The victim tells us she's learned not to be so trusting when she gets a knock on her door.

Pat Baker, says "I don't open the door unless I look out that peep hole. I learned a lesson."

Baker says she was terrified when a man came to her door and demanded money.

"He had a gun and said I know you have money it's the first of the month," Baker said.

Baker has lived in the Cabana Royal Arms apartments for four years and says she's always felt safe there, and so do other neighbors.

One neighbor, Helen Cramer said, "I didn't know anything about that. This is a safe area. I've lived here for nine years and it's always been safe."

Baker says police told her she may know the man who robbed her because her dog, Itty Bitty, always barks at strangers, but she didn't bark at the man Monday morning.

"They told me it might be somebody we knew," Baker said.

Baker says the robber had on a ski mask, wore all black clothing, was about 6 feet tall and about 180 pounds.