Police Chief's emotional return to work

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More than two years after being involved in a serious crash, a police chief in one small Kentucky town, has returned to work.

Eubank Chief Rodney Sneed suffered multiple injuries and internal bleeding in an accident at a dangerous intersection in January of 2007.

In a strange twist, he talked to 27 NEWSFIRST a year earlier and predicted a serious injury accident on that very spot.

Now, in his first week back on the job, Chief Sneed's memories of the wreck are still vivid.

"I had just left my office and pulled out and entered the intersection of routes 70 and 1247, going south on 1247, and a lady ran the stop sign and t-boned me right in my door, turning the cruiser over on it's top. I lost the function of my lung, broke my hip, my pelvis, my back and broke one leg in several places," he said.

There were times in the weeks following the accident when Rodney Sneed doubted he would ever walk again, let along return to his job as police chief.

Sneed says, "If I'd gone with what a lot of doctors said at first, I wouldn't be here right now for sure, but hope is always there. You just have to fight for it."

A lot of people in Eubank have a hard time believing their police chief is really back and with a whole new outlook on life.

Sneed says, "We take things for granted every day, our health, our ability to take care of ourselves, our ability to function on a normal basis til after something major happens in our life. I've had so many shocked looks in the last 2 or 3 days. The other day I went into the little store out on 27, and the ladies that worked there just started clapping for me. It's remarkable the love and support that me and my family have received."

And Chief Sneed says all that love and support has definitely made a difference.

"It feels like I'm whole again," he said.

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