Child Claims Abuse and Seeks Help From Radio Station

Columbia's 92.7 The Wave is your typical small town radio station. Big on news, weather and local information, but recently the big story literally came walking in the front door.

“We had a little boy come walking in the front door of our studio, appeared to be very un-kept,” says Station Manager Jan Royse.

The boy wasn't there to request a song, he was there to call to help.

Royse says the boy said, “That he was trying to run away from home. That there was someone in his home that abused him.”

Police say that someone is Terri Boschee. The boy claimed that she abused him and his three brothers and sisters not only by beating some of them, but not letting them eat.

“As a form of punishment, sometimes she would deny food for three to four days at a time,” says KSP Trooper Dwaine Barnett.

“When they didn't complete their work as they were supposed to she would spank them and beat them,’’ Royse said.

Royse says the child had blood visible on his clothing and that he was barefoot. A parent herself, she says she could tell he wasn't making the story up. “He was very sincere, very honest,” she says.

Police say the alleged abuse went on for six years. Boschee is currently free on bond and the children are in the care of another relative.