Emotional outburst in court from murder victim's family

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An Iraq war veteran will spend at least the next 20-years behind bars after pleading guilty to raping and killing a co-worker.

Jeremy Shields entered a guilty plea in a Shelby County courtroom Tuesday, in order to avoid the death penalty.

When the sentence came down emotions boiled over.

Shields pleaded guilty to rape, murder and tampering with evidence in court after admitting he killed his former co-worker Wendy Sue Logsdon. But before it was all over, the victim's family lashed out.

Bobby Logsdon's emotions couldn't be contained as he lashed out at the man who admitted to raping and killing his sister Wendy Sue.

Hardin County Sheriff's deputies had to escort Logsdon out after an outburst in court when Shields pleaded guilty to his charges.

Despite a lack of previous criminal history, Judge Ken Howard said he couldn't be lenient on this case because Shields committed the crimes before and after the murder.

Shields received life in prison, but will be eligible for parole in 20 years.

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