BBB Warns of Gift Card Scam This Holiday Season

During the Holiday season, people spend and buy a lot. Many prefer to buy plastic.

$25 Billion worth of gift cards will be sold this holiday season.
However, beware. There's a new scam targeting gift cards.

Heather Clary with the Better Business Bureau says crooks are writing down account numbers from gifts cards before you even buy them.

Thieves take down the account number off gift cars. They dial the 800 number on the back of the card. That gives them access to when the card was activated and how much it was worth.

By the time you head to the store to cash in your gift card, the balance is already at zero.

The crooks are not coming to stores to cash in the cards. The BBB says they go on-line sometimes to the store's website and to make the purchases.

The BBB recommends checking to make sure the there's no evidence of someone tampering with the card. For instance, check to see if someone has scratched the silver protective coating.
You should also buy the cards from behind the counter as opposed to ones place in the open.

So far there's been no such cases reported in Kentucky.