Storm cleanup in area, tornado caught on tape

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A new round of storms is battering some parts of the state that are still trying to recover from Tuesday's severe weather. During the storms, a tornado was also caught on tape.

"You can actually see the funnel cloud caught between those trees", says Sam Marcum, describing a video he shot outside his Laurel County home on Tuesday.

Sam Marcum saw it all on Tuesday. A funnel cloud quickly approached his home that he caught on tape. As the winds picked up, he knew exactly what he was seeing.

"It ended up being a tornado", says Marcum.

Sam Marcum says he quickly took cover with his family in their basement. Although this funnel didn't cause damage, in nearby Williamsburg the storms knocked out electricity and toppled some trees.

"Looks like the smaller limbs are what got the roof", says Lynn Harris examining her mother's home for the first time.

Although Harris says cleanup will take some time to her mom's home, which now has several trees on top of it, she says she's just thankful nobody was home or hurt.

"I'm just shocked it's this bad. I'm just happy we weren't here", says Lynn Harris.

As for the power situation in Whitley County, we are told as of now all power has been restored.

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