Disturbing testimony against teacher in child porn case

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New details came out in court about how Paris High School math teacher Kenneth Shadoan got involved with a 17-year old student.

Detective JP Primm testified that his department was contacted by the mother of the teen after he attempted suicide.

Primm stated he was told Shadoan had asked the teen to send him a naked picture of himself on his cell phone. The girlfriend of the teen later found the picture on his cell phone and confronted him about it. The teen's mother says he attempted suicide by slitting his wrists and taking a bunch of pills.

Primm began investigating Shadoan, who was fired as a teacher at Paris high school. Primm says he found twenty-five different videos on CD's in Shadoan's truck. Primm said the videos were of children between the ages of six and nine and young adults having sex, mostly a boy with another boy.

Shadoan will remain in jail because he is also facing federal child pornography charges.

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