Lexington man accused of trying to solicit sex from little girls online

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Court documents detail conversations 42 year old Robert Michael's had with a woman online about her children. Little did he know the woman worked for the FBI.

Lexington Police say Robert Michael's is one of many online predators.

Detective Shannon Garner says, "they are easy to find."

In the fall of 2007 the FBI found him online at Yahoo! Messenger.

According to police documents the special agent pretended to be a mother of two girls, peeking Michael's interest.

At one point Michael's told the FBI agent he quote, "would like you to know that I am real and would explore this with you."

Only he wasn't interested in the woman pretending to be a man. He was interested in the children, attempting to arrange a sexual encounter with them.

He asked the agent if she thought quote, 'this might go somewhere with us."

At that point police say the crime was committed saying Michael's believed he was speaking about a minor.

The conversations online continued. At one point Michael's offered ideas of how to keep the girls from running away.

He wrote, "cut the tendons in their knees and ankles to hobble them."

Even offering ways for the mother or FBI agent to hide the evidence of these computer conversations.

Today nearly two years after the crime a grand jury indicted Michael's on four felony charges of trying to induce a minor to commit a sexual offense.

If convicted Michael's could face 20 years in prison.

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