Five High School Hoops Players Hurting After Accident

From the looks of the might be hard to believe that none of the five people inside suffered life threatening injuries.

That's just what Justin Lowe and Zack Bradley were thinking as they saw the driver of the jeep go across these railroad tracks and lose control.

“And it went into the ditch and hit the railing sparks flew up and it started rolling in the air....rolled landed straight on the top,” says Justin Lowe, who saw the accident.

Lowe called 9-1-1...Bradley rushed to help one of the teenagers laying on the ground.

“Kid laying on his back not moving at all. Right in the middle of the creek down him stablized, put my sweatshirt on him,” said Bradley.

All five were Whitley County High School basketball players. They had just left practice and were on their way to get some dinner when police say the jeep was going too fast for the 25 mph zone. Two were airlifted to a Tennessee trauma center..three were treated and released from a local hospital.

Two of the five students were starters. It’s expected to be a big blow to the team as some say this was going to be a rebuilding year for Whitley County.

But some believe the accident will be a motivational factor for the team.

“To play well for their fellow players who are hurt,” says David Lennon, a school resource officer who also moonlights as sports information officer and play by play announcer for a local radio station. “That's just the kind of kids they are. To go out and get the win for those guys who are hurt.”

Conditions of the players were not available, but all are expected to recover.