How Prepared Is Lexington For The Next Big Snow?

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The official start to winter is only a few weeks away and the Lexington Department of Streets and Roads says they are all geared up and ready to go.

Leo McMillen and the rest of his crew are gearing up for another winter season. He says this year they are as ready as they will ever be.

"We've got some new trucks, we've replaced some of our older trucks, we've got some of these new trucks that have temperature sensors so that they can sense what the pavement temp is, one of the newest pieces of equipment is a salt grine distributor," McMillen says.

Leo says this new truck is used before the storm arrives and being prepared in advance is key.

We want to be proactive instead of reactive, we wanna be out there before it starts, before it gets here, we want you to see them little white lines out there in the street, that means we've already been there.

The city has also added new computerized trucks.

Being computerized we can control the amount of salt we are putting down, gives us better distribution and gives us a better economic effect.

But could we actually run out of salt?

Several years ago when we had a major snow storm we ran out of salt cause they couldn't deliver it, at that time the Ohio river froze and they couldn't get the barges up. This year our salt is coming on freight cars, that shouldn't be a factor anymore.

Our best hope is that this salt stays in this barn, but if the snow comes the department of streets and roads will be ready to tackle whatever may fall from the sky.