Pulaski Woman Once Hooked on Drugs Now Hooked On Helping Others

Maze Bobbitt didn't have a storybook upbringing. Abused as child she says she turned to drugs and alcohol.

“You don't just get on hard drugs you get on prescription drugs. And these things are hard to get off from,” she says.

But she escaped the prison of substance abuse and now she dedicates her life to helping others.

“And they're living in cars or living on the street; they are somebody that cares. There's always somebody that cares,” she says of the kind of person she helps from the warehouse beside her house.

Eight years ago working out of a trailer she started an outreach to others. Donations allowed her to build a warehouse. Supplies come from near and far, and she gives it to anybody who needs it, and kids seem to need it the most.

“Children seem to touch my heart.”

Bobbitt hasn't qualified for social security and she doesn't have insurance and she often doesn't know where she'll get the money to move her ministry forward.

“I had a burden for a van that I bought for the ministry. A man came by and paid it off.”

Last year she and her helpers provided toys for one thousand kids. She believes she'll surpass that number this Christmas.

“I want to leave a mark. When I leave this world I want people to know that I cared about somebody else and not myself only,” she says.

She says she helps all with no strings attached and she believes God will judge any who take advantage of her kindness.