Wintry Weather Rolls Through Kentucky

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No matter where you may look today you are bound to find evidence of what some would call our first shot of winter snow. But how are people taking it.

Cindy Preston thinks we could do even better with a bigger snow. "Oh I think it's great I love it. I think a couple more feet would be great"

I was having a hard time to find anyone who didn't like the snow. In fact I couldnt find anyone.

"I love it but I can't drive in it, because it is slick"

The first snow always brings about a bif of beauty to it. Susan Banker would agree, it just kind of get you in the holiday spirit as long as you can drive in it.

"It just looks pretty on trees, the ground, the surroundings, just as long as you can drive in it."

Crews have been out since last night treating the roads. Police continue to stress that bridges and overpasses will still be slick though, so use caution when approaching them.