30 dogs removed from a dog rescue home

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A Bourbon County home has been condemned and 30 dogs have been removed after an animal control officer says the home is unlivable.

For the second time in two months an animal control officer has paid a visit to a home that doubles as a German Shepherd Rescue operation.

The first time animal control came by they took nine German Shepherd's, shut the place down telling her she had two months to clean up and remove the 21 dogs.

Then on Wednesday, animal control went back saying the home had deteriorated even further. Saying feces, urine and fleas covered everything in the house.

He also said there were dogs in the garage where temperatures were close to 100 degrees.

Remarkably he says the dogs were a little malnourished but otherwise alright.

The dogs, 12 Burnese Mountain Dogs, 9 German Shepherd's, and one St. Bernard have been taken to PAWS, the Bourbon County Animal Shelter.

The case has been handed over to the County Prosecutor who will decide if legal action should be taken against the home owner.

PAWS says it now needs help finding foster homes for the dogs who were at the shelter before the new arrivals should up on Wednesday.

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