KFC chicken giveaway headed toward court

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It started as a promotion last month, between Oprah Winfrey and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

People would print out a coupon online for 2 pieces of grilled chicken, 2 individual side orders and a biscuit, while supplies lasted.

Millions printed them out nationwide, but when supplies ran out and masses got out of hand, KFC stopped the giveaway, leaving many frustrated.

Two unhappy customers are now taking their dissatisfaction to a new level, they're taking it to court. James Asanuma and Veronica Mora of California are filing suit against KFC and its parent company, Louisville based YUM Brands, Inc.

While some understand the frustrations that led to this lawsuit, others are questioning, a lawsuit over a free meal?

A KFC spokesman has said the company intends to make good on the offer, which added a drink to a replacement coupon that could be redeemed when customers sent in a valid coupon.

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