Reaction From People and Road Crews About the Snow

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The snow was falling pretty quickly Thursday morning. It was sticking to the roof tops and the trees making everything look like it was covered by a white blanket.

Shoppers at Hamburg didn t seem to mind the temperatures or the cold today. They liked the way it looked but when it comes to driving in it is a different story.

Leo McMillan from the Lexington Department of Streets and Roads told us that they had treated the roads Wednesday night with what is called a salt brine before the snow arrived, and they are continuing to look for slick spots and treating those areas with salt.

They continue to find the most slicks spots near bridges and overpasses. Leo said they have used 100 tons of salt, but that is nothing compared to what they would normally use. He said a good 1500 tons of salt is used when Lexington receives an inch and a half of snow.