Grocery stores pulling cookie dough product

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A brand of cookie dough is flying off the shelves after a recall was announced on Friday.

There's plenty of refrigerated cookie dough on the store shelves, but there's one brand you won't find. Nestle is recalling it's Toll House cookie dough products.

"The CDC, FDA, and Nestle are working on a voluntary recall of pre-packaged cookie dough. There's been evidence of e. Coli that contaminated that" says Kevin Hall with the Fayette County Health Department.

The voluntary recall comes after recent reports of people getting sick after eating raw Toll House cookie dough.

"So they want to get it off the shelves, out of the restaurants and out of any retail establishments that may be selling it or using the cookie dough," Hall says.

This has prompted the product to be pulled and has health officials working with local grocery stores to make sure all the products are off the shelves.

Health officials say there are some signs to look for if you've recently eaten this type of cookie dough.

"It causes you to be sick to the stomach, and diarrhea is a common symptom of that, so if people have that and it's unexpected and you've eaten the cookie dough, contact your doctor or the health department," Hall says.

Health officials say should you have the product you're encouraged to just throw it away or return it.

"If you have it at home, you are being urged not to cook it. Don't think that it's a way to beat the e. Coli. If you haven't gotten rid of it, don't take a chance because you could get sick even if you cook it," says Kevin Hall.

The Food and Drug Administration and CDC are looking into these reports of possible E.coli illnesses related to the raw cookie dough, but say so far none has definitely been found.

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