Missing dog: owner says may be stolen by "bunchers"

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She says stepped inside her home for a minute or two, in that time she says dog was stolen from her yard, and she says she's not alone.

Diane McKenzie lives in a quiet neighborhood in Wilmore, but recently her and two other small dog owners find themselves victim to a possible dog theft ring.

Thursday night her Maltese-Shih Tzu three year old named Molly went missing.

When she contacted animal control she learned two others reported the same thing happening to similar dogs in the past two weeks.

The Jessamine County SAVE center for animals says it could be the work o "bunchers."

We're told bunchers are people who drive around looking for small expensive dogs within easy reach to steal. Then once they have a "bunch" of them the dogs are sold for various reasons.

Some of the reason have included researchers, and bait for dog fights.

McKenzie is afraid that is what happened to her dog and would like help finding it, anyone with information is asked to call the Wilmore animal control or police.

In the meantime she's urging other dog owners to be on the look out and keep a watchful eye on their animals.

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