Homes Damaged, Firetruck Flips During Strong Storms

A damaging end to a week, already wrought with lots of bad weather.
A severe storm system moved through Central Kentucky Saturday morning, leaving damage in it's path.

In Scott County, strong winds caused a 50-foot tree to come crashing down onto a house on Glenwood Drive. The tree ripped the roof off the back of the home. Bill Klingenberg and his wife were sleeping when the storm hit.

"I heard this really loud crashing thunder coming down, and I told her (wife), I think a tree just fell on the house. And then the water started coming through the ceiling fan," said homeowner Bill Klingenberg.

Klingenberg and his wife were not injured. The couple just moved into the home on Christmas Day.

In Bath County, barns were toppled over and power was knocked out to the Bethel area. There are also reports of damaged homes.

In Nicholas County, a firefighter was injured when the truck he was riding in overturned, and caught fire. Firefighter, John Carter, was airlifted to U.K. Hospital, but was later released. His brother, Eli, who was also in the truck, was not hurt.

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