Danville woman scammed in her home

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She thought she was talking to the owners of a brand new business, but instead she was being scammed. A pair of men distracted a Danville woman while a third suspect went inside and stole from her.

"It's bad," Vernocia Neal tells 27 NEWSFIRST.

It's a crime that is hitting home for Vernocia Neal. One that took place inside her home.

"They took all the money I had. I don't have any money until Uncle Sam gives me money," says Vernocia Neal.

Too shaken to show her face on camera, Neal says she doesn't want the three people responsible for scamming her inside her Stanford Road home to come back.

On Monday afternoon, two men came to her door.

"She was on the telephone with a t.v. repairman and at the time she told them they could come in the house," says Sgt. Todd Davis with the Danville Police Department.

Once inside, Neal says they distracted her. They talked to her about a furniture store they hoped to open and blocked her sight. During that time a third person came in.

"The one that was talking to me the most said 'Nobody's here but just us two', and I said 'Yes there is. He's standing right there at that door!,'' says Vernocia Neal.

The homeowner says by the time she realized there was a third person in the house, at that point it was too late. He had already made his way through her home, going through her valuables and money.

"I said, oh my Lord, they've gone through my purse and went under my pillow and up in my bed and got my gun," says Vernocia Neal.

Now, Danville Police are looking for the three white males who scammed Vernocia Neal and got away with her money, papers and information, and her pistol.

"Just be leery of people coming to your house and door that you aren't familiar with," says Sgt. Todd Davis.

"The next one that comes to my house has to stand outside and talk. If it's raining they can stand in the rain. I'm not gonna let them in," Vernocia Neal says.

Witnesses tell police the three men left in a black Ford Crown Victoria.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Danville Police at (859) 238-1220.

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