Former Lincoln County Teacher Accused Of Sex-Related Crimes Appears In Court

Monday the former teacher answered to the charges in court. The arraignment ended in a matter of seconds and a preliminary hearing was set for January 29th.

Among those watching the proceedings was the mother of the 12 year old alleged victim. As Janie Hastie walked out of the courtroom with a number of supporters trailing after her, that mother was visibly shaken.

"It hurts to see that much support after what she did to my child. It makes me feel guilty. Had I not requested her for a teacher, my daughter wouldn't have known her. Miss Hastie was my daughter's favorite teacher ever, and she trusted her. I trusted her," the alleged victim's mother said.

"I never would have let my daughter go with her had I not known her and trusted her, and I can't imagine what my daughter is going through as far as being able to trust again. It's wrong, and I'll be at every court proceeding there is. She thinks she's invincible, and we'll just let the system work, and hopefully it will work," said the mother.

The mother also told us that Janie Hastie had spent so much time around their home that she suspected the former teacher might me obsessed with her, but never with her daughter.

Janie Hastie and her attorney refused our request for an interview.