Ribbon Cutting for Camp Horsin' Around

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Tuesday marked the ribbon cutting and dedication of Camp Horsin' Around on 190 acres in Mercer and Boyle Counties near Perryville.
It's a camp specifically designed to accommodate children with serious chronic illnesses.

Construction is already complete on 3 cabins, a medical building, a pavilion and a covered picnic area. The non-profit group of volunteers is still raising money for additional building projects.

Executive Committee President Phyllis Cronin tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "Probably next week, we're gonna jump in with both feet and try to get the dining hall, the swimming pool and two more cabins."

The camp is patterned after one founded by the late actor, Paul Newman, who called his the Hole in the Wall Camp.

Cronin says, "We decided we needed a camp like that for our Kentucky kids. It's all being privately funded, and we're very excited about that because that means a lot of people care about what we're doing here."

Two of the most committed supporters are country music star, Eddie Montgomery, and his wife, Tracy. They went to the groundbreaking for the camp and haven't stopped helping ever since.

Eddie says, "My farm is right next to here, and we just want the kids to get out here where they can be kids and not have to be in a hospital bed 24-7, and of course we've got a medical room where they're going to be treated and a helicopter pad so they can be airlifted in and out."

Tracy Montgomery adds, "This place is really near and dear to my heart. My brother died of brain cancer when he was 9 years old so this is really a special thing to me."

Anyone interested in helping out can visit the link below for a complete list of items they still need to have donated including crayons and coloring books and even band-aids.

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