Judge To Decide If Accused Murderer Is Mentally Competent To Stand Trial

William Oliver appeared in a Bourbon County courtroom Tuesday afternoon. Ever since he was arrested his parents said he had a mental illness.

William Oliver's attorney maintained he is not competent to stand trial.

Oliver is charged with murder in the 2004 death of Jennifer Toadvine. Investigators say Oliver stabbed his 19-year old girlfriend and hid her body under a woodpile in a Paris backyard.

It wasn't until five months later that investigators found Toadvine's body. Oliver along with his friend Kristopher Carter were arrested and indicted in the murder.

A Bourbon County judge ruled he will decide if Oliver is competent to stand trial by January 16th.

After his court appearance, a courtroom deputy said Oliver, who wasn't handcuffed, began to struggle with deputies before he was subdued.

Attorney's say if Oliver is found competent, he and Carter will likely be tried separately.