49 dead horses found on KY property

PENDLETON COUNTY, Ky- On Monday, Kentucky State Police got a tip that there was a dead horse in a field on the property on Highway 177.
People who have known Larry Browning for years say he's a responsible horse trader, buying and selling horses throughout the area.
Monday evening, workers and volunteers removed 14 horses from the property.
Investigators are citing Browning with 14 counts of animal cruelty and 49 counts of not disposing of an animal carcass within 48 hours.
His neighbor says people often drop their horses off at the farm because they know Browning will take them in and they think he may have been overwhelmed by the number of horses.
"He has hay out all the time and he grains them everyday," said Kathy Rice, his neighbor. "He comes in in the mornings sometimes and people who cannot afford their horses and everything anymore know he's a horse trader and just drop them off and turn them into his barn or into his lot."
They also say his children grew up showing horses, and they don't think he would intentionally harm the animals.
"Any horse that I have bought from him has been healthy, strong and everything," said Rice.
Police say it was Browning’s relative who initially contacted them back in February with a tip about the dead horses.

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