Lexington city worker arrested for DUI

A Lexington city worker is behind bars Wednesday accused of being drunk on the job.

Ralph Landrum, who works for traffic engineering, was called to Man O'War and Terminal Drive around 4:00 in the morning to fix a malfunctioning traffic light at the main airport entrance.

But shortly after his arrival airport police placed him under arrest, they say for being drunk on the job. Police say Landrum blew a 0.118, nearly twice the legal limit. Police say Landrum told them he did have a drink before bed to help him sleep.

City officials say their policy states there's grounds for termination if any employee with an issued vehicle who gets a DUI.

The city has not made a decision yet on whether Landrum will be terminated and says they are still investigating his case.

Landrum has worked for the city for about 10 years.

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