Car crashes into barbecue restaurant

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It was a close call for a well known restaurant near Cave Run Lake in Rowan County.

After swerving to try and avoid a crash, a pickup made its own drive thru at the Pig Out Bar-B-Q on Kentucky 801 near US 60, just west of Morehead. It happened just before noon Wednesday.

"It was like an explosion," says Pig Out Bar-B-Q manager Lynn Pelfrey.

Pelfrey was one of few people inside as the restaurant just opened, when glass and wood came crumbling, when a truck plowed through the dining area.

She says there was one customer inside, who pushed her out of the way. She says if it had been 15 minutes later, the lunch crowd would have been there, and the incident would have been more severe.

Kentucky State Police was one of several agencies on scene. They say the Ford pick-up truck ended up in the building after it swerved to miss a Toyota Avalon that had been hit by another truck, sending it into oncoming traffic on Kentucky 801.

The driver of the Avalon, Amanda Mullins, was driving into work at the Pig Out Bar-B-Q. The driver into the building was Jason Foreman, who was driving his family of 5 from Ohio. He also walked away unharmed.

Two drivers were taken to the hospital, but no one was reported to have serious injuries.

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