Phone Call Released in Murder-Suicide

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It's been nearly a month since a murder-suicide in Nelson County where a father shot his son. According to a phone conversation today, it's questioned whether the boy was supposed to be taken away from his mother.

Was 21-month-old Cole Frazier supposed to be in Timothy Frazier's care? That's the question that has continuously been asked since he was shot by his father in a murder-suicide on May 26th.

Cole's family told 27 NewsFirst nearly a month ago the toddler shouldn't have been taken from his mother.

"I pleaded. I said he's not a fit father. You cannot let my child go with someone like this", Candice Dempsey, Cole's mother, told 27 NewsFirst.

The family's attorney initially said Lawrenceburg Police were to blame for improperly removing the child because the EPO issued by a judge against Cole's mother apparently didn't give police the authority to take the child.

Today, in audio obtained by the Anderson County News, Lawrenceburg officer Nathan Doty calls the Nelson County circuit clerks office to confirm taking the child from his mother.

"It says, with a motion for relief, it says that the child was to, uh, or the father was granted temporary custody of the child?", asks Officer Doty.

"Uh huh", the woman answers.

"OK, and that was signed by the judge?", asks Officer Doty.

"Yes", says the woman.

"OK, so basically we need to do is go serve it and pick up the child Correct?", asks Officer Doty.

"Right", says the employee.

Today Diane Thompson, the Nelson circuit clerk, says she has been advised to not comment any further in this case. Earlier this week she did tell the media in regards to the phone call and whether Cole should have been put in his dad's custody, "The question is why a police officer would rely on the circuit clerk's office to confirm a judge's order. Our role is not to interpret orders. Our role is to maintain the court file and to get it to the parties that need it", Thompson told the Anderson County News.

We did speak with the attorney for the mother of Cole Frazier who was unable to give us a comment at this time about this case and the possibility of a lawsuit.

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