Behind bars to on the loose: Inmates out of jail

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He was granted a pass, trusted to return to jail after a doctor's appointment.

But the man behind bars for alleged drug dealing, didn't come back.

Now Lexington police are searching for Quaynell King, the latest jail inmate to take off, after being granted 'permission' to leave.

King, also accused of being a persistent felon but not considered a violent offender, even though King has a violent past.

A jury convicted him of wanton endangerment in 2005 for the shooting death of a teenager outside a Lexington nightclub.

He's already served his time for that crime. That's why jail officials say he did not have an escort when released Monday for his doctor's appointment.

He's not the first inmate at the jail to be released, who chose not to return.

27 newsfirst has learned, in the past five years, dozens of inmates failed to return to Fayette County's Jail as promised.

56 of them were participating in the work release program. 14 were given a pass by a judge, all 70 took off.

According to the jail, inmates do go through a screening process before they're put on work release, they must be what's considered non-violent.

But a judge can give a pass to whomever they want, even an accused killer.

Marlowe Valentine was given a medical pass back in 2007 by a Lexington judge, he took off, sparking a nationwide manhunt.

He was being kept in the Louisville jail at the time, if he would have been housed here, Fayette County officials say he would have had an escort. Violent offenders in Lexington are supposed to be constantly supervised when not behind bars.

Anyone with information concerning the whereabouts of Quyaynell King, can call Lexington police.

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