Fire Safety Tips

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"You just need to use a little extra caution this time of year," said Assistant Chief, Chuck Fowler, with the Lexington Fire Department.

Firefighters have been seeing more fires in recent weeks. To make sure your home doesn't fall victim to a house fire they say you should test your smoke detectors monthly.

"You push in the button and hold it for a few seconds. That should activate the alarm," Fowler said.

In addition to testing it monthly they say you should change the batteries twice a year. Daylight Savings Time is a good reminder for when to do that.

Fowler says it's also important to know how to use a fire extinguisher if your home catches on fire.

"Be sure you have a working extinguisher and a knowledge of how to use it," Fowler said.

About 94 percent of United States homes have smoke detectors, but one-third of those are not properly working. One way to may sure yours is, keep dust and cobwebs away from it. They can cause it to malfunction.