Fleming County Home Destroyed In Early Morning Fire

Their home caught fire Wednesday morning in rural Fleming County, now neighbors are pitching in to make sure the family doesn't go without.

At this time the cause of the fire is still unknown, but what is known is that Michael Coffey and his family lost everything they owned.

One family member says, "everything is gone, furniture, clothes, our home, it's all gone."

Now neighbors are lending a helping hand and encouraging others to do the same. They're not only helping the Coffey family clean up, but also salvage what they can to start all over again.

One neighbor tells us, "these people have been wiped out. They're good hard working people, they just need help and support."

Mr. Coffey says, "the most important thing is that my family is okay. I never thought my wife and I would have to start all over with four teenagers, but here we are. But we're a tough family and we'll get through it."

Michael Coffey says no one was hurt in this morning's fire. The only thing at home was the family dog, which miraculously was pulled to safety by a neighbor. Coffey says it times like this he's thankful for even the smallest of miracles.

Anyone wishing to help the Coffey family can call Stephens Trucking Company in Flemming County at 606-849-4238 or 606-748-2824.