High speed motorcycle chase ends in with crash

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A motorcycle chase started on I-75 in Richmond and ended when police caught the man as he tried to run away down a back alley.

With speeds over 100 miles an hours, police say four different departments were involved after spotting a motorcycle on I-75 heading north.

The motorcyclist was then able to get off the interstate and head towards Winchester.

Luckily, Richmond police, along with Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement were able to notify Winchester of the man heading their way. Police and Clark County Sheriff units got into position, keeping other drivers safe.

When the driver hit a dead end at main street, he was unable to turn the bike, crashing it and leaving it behind.

Officers then chased the motorcyclist into an alley behind a grocery store where the chase came to an end.

Witnesses say he jumped a fence, hit his head on a tree and knocked himself out. He was taken to the hospital before taken to the Madison County Jail.

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