Investigation continues into Michael Jackson's death

The Los Angeles Fire Department released the 911 call placed from Michael Jackson's home. In he recording the caller never identifies the man not breathing as the pop icon. The man does tell dispatchers a personal doctor is with the patient.

Investigators hope that personal doctor will help shed light on Jackson 's final moments. Early Friday police towed the physician's car from Jackson's home, where the doctor also lived. Police were looking for drugs or possible evidence in the automobile.

Medical examiners finished on autopsy on Jackson Friday, but won't rule on a cause of death until toxicology tests come back.

A Jackson family friend has long been concerned about the singer's use of painkillers. Says Brian Oxman, "Michael Jackson had prescription drugs at his disposal at all times.

The LA County Coroner plans to release Jackson's body as soon as his family makes funeral arrangements.

A crush of fans mobbed Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk of
Fame Friday. Police had to put up barricades to move the crowd back and overnight the king of pop's albums surged to the top spots on Amazon and iTunes.

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