Police release 911 call from Jackson's mansion

Transcript of 911 call placed from Michael Jackson's Los Angeles
mansion at 12:21 p.m. Thursday:
Operator: Fire and paramedics 33. What is the address of the
Caller: Yes sir, I need an ambulance as soon as possible, sir.
Operator: OK, sir. What is your address?
Caller: It's 100 North Carolwood Drive, Los Angeles, California,
Operator: You said Carolwood?
Caller: Carolwood Drive, yes.
Operator: OK, sir. What is the phone number that you're calling
Caller: (REDACTED)
Operator: And what exactly happened?
Caller: We have a gentleman here that needs help and he's not
breathing yet. He's not breathing and we're trying to pump him but
he's not. He's not.
Operator: OK, how old is he?
Caller: He's 50 years old, sir.
Operator: 50? OK, he's not breathing? Not conscious.
Caller: No, he's not breathing. He's not conscious sir.
Operator: Do you have him on the floor? Where's he at right now?
Caller: He's on the bed sir. He's on the bed. We need them.
Operator: Let's get him on the floor. We're already on the way.
I'm going to as much as I can to help you on the phone. We're
already on our way. Did anybody see him?
Caller: Yes, we have a personal doctor with him, sir.
Operator: Oh, you have a doctor there?
Caller: Yes, but he's not responding to anything. He's not
responding to CPR or anything.
Operator: Oh, OK, we're on our way there. If your guy is doing
CPR and you're instructed by a doctor, he's a higher authority than
me. And he's there on scene. Did anybody witness what happened?
Caller: No, just the doctor, sir. The doctor has been the only
one there.
Operator: OK, so the doctor saw what happened?
Caller: Doctor, did you see what happened, sir?
(Someone spoke in the background but the words were not
Caller: Sir, if you can please.
Operator: We're on our way. I'm just passing these questions on
to my paramedics while they're on the way there, sir.
Caller: Thank you sir. He's pumping his chest but he's not
responding to anything. Please.
Operator: OK, OK. We're on our way. We're less than a mile away
from Cedars and we'll be there shortly.

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