Allegations prompt investigation into mayor's involvement with drunk inmate

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Mt. Vernon Mayor Clarice Kirby says she had no idea an inmate out on work release had been drinking on the job. Now police want to know what happened.

In her own words, Kirby says she wants people to know she's innocent.

44-year old Linda Webb was allowed to help Mayor Kirby due to the Rockcastle County inmate work release program.

Webb is charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument.

Kirby says she and Webb were working together to clean a building at Lake Lanville.

the Mayor says Webb went to a port-a-potty and when she came out she fell on her face.

Kirby says at first she didn't know what had happened, thinking Webb might have had a stroke.

The two went to a nearby boat dock where Kirby says she bought two cups of coffee, a candy bar and some ice because she wasn't sure if Webb was diabetic or why she was acting so strangely.

Kirby says as she tried to help the inmate, Webb struggled against her slurring her words.

Kirby says not until the jailer came to find the two did she realize that Webb was likely drunk.

Her theory is Webb hid alcohol somewhere in the port-a-potty but doesn't know why.

Police would also like to know why and how it happened. Kentucky State Police have assigned a detective to look into the allegations.

The Rockcastle County jailer says Webb is no longer being held at the jail, when 27NEWSFIRST asked where she was moved to, we were told the case has been sealed by the judge.

Kirby says Webb was eligible for parole in 8 days.

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