New Year's Eve Hours Extended For Bars In Lexington

The celebrations in Lexington may end early for some people on New Year's Eve, because the holiday falls on a Sunday.

Thursday night the Urban County Council met to discuss extending liquor sale hours in Lexington's bars and restaurants. They decided to allow bars in Lexington will stay open until two on New Year's Day.
Before the decision, most bars wouldn't have been able to be open at all.

However, you still won't be able to toast the New Year with the traditional champagne. Only beer and other malt beverages are allowed with the ordinance.

In a last minute effort to include all liquor sales New Year's Eves, former Mayor Jim Amato asked the council to make a change to the ordinance. However, during special meetings, changes aren't allowed so late in the game.

Leaders aren't dropping the issue just yet. They are having another special meeting to discuss if Urban County laws can be changed.

That special meeting will be held on Monday at noon to give the suggestion a reading.